Green field & Brown field


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Key Functions

  • Multi-levels tracking of assets, equipments, machines, machine parts, crews and tools

  • Detailed equipments and assets history

  • Planned Maintenance Schedules

  • Work order scheduling and work flow process

  • Supervisor s workbench and authorization

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications to crews and managers

  • Corrective Repairs & Maintenance

  • Breakdown Maintenance

Key Features

  • Comprehensive descriptions of assets and multi-levels tracking of equipments, machines, parts, tools and fleets

  • Assets monitoring and extensive maintenance planning

  • Detailed Assets and Equipment History

  • Permit and Warranty Interface

  • Dashboard / Business Intelligence & Extensive Reporting

  • Tightly integrated with Dynamics Axapta other Modules

  • Automatic Work order Scheduling & Generations

  • Work Orders Workbench for tracking status

  • Actual vs. Budgeted Costs Tracking

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications to crews and managers


  • Improve controls and accountability; Lead to better quality of work.

  • Properly maintained machines minimizes downtime

  • Reduce asset maintenance and operating cost

  • Continuous improvement in commonly performed work

  • Improved equipment life

  • Enhanced equipment availability and reliability

  • Improved employee work efficiency

  • Consistent operation of machinery improves product quality

  • Improve reporting and analysis capabilities.

  • Comply with Health and Safety Regulations

  • Improve Business Planning and make informed decisions


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