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NOMCAT is a web-based catalogue management tool designed to facilitate creation of new Items to the Item Master and provide governance to the process of new item creation and maintenance of Item Catalogue.

NOMCAT application is a complete Master Data Management application and is designed to work with leading ERP/EAM solutions including SAP, Oracle Apps, Maximo, Microsoft AXAPTA.

NOMCAT helps to achieve significant and sustained improvement in inventory, procurement management and maintenance by:

  • Reducing inventory cost by eliminating ingress of duplicate items
  • Lowering internal procurement lead time through comprehensive buying description
  • Facilitating better maintenance of assets through accurate buying description of items
  • Enhancing decision making capabilities

NOMCAT is a compelling solution for multi-location organizations running their ERP systems on common Item nomenclature / catalogue with built-in facilities to ensure standardization & data integrity:

  • Use of Standardized templates will ensure that the attributes for a given commodity are identical.
  • Prompt users to focus on mandatory attributes required to frame comprehensive buying description.
  • Attributes and attributes stored in reference library will be made available to end users while working on NOMCAT ensuring the items are created with standardized description and values.
  • Reference values for each attribute will guide end users to contextualize the possible values that need to be filled in/chosen.
  • Comprehensive search facilities will guide end users to search extensively for potential duplicates before creation of a new item.
  • Item numbering engine that can be configured / customized to generated automated numbering based on specific rules.

NOMCAT has been intuitively designed by keeping in mind that different users will use NOMCAT based on the specific roles. This design approach reduces the efforts to train the users, and greatly reduces the training needs.

NOMCAT thus provide the necessary governance and pro-active facilitation to ensure that the data integrity of the Item Catalogue is maintained across the organization.

NOMCAT is a web based Noun Modifier based cataloging tool governing the complete flow of Item coding and cataloguing. It is a flexible and intelligent assistor to create industry standard materials and spares catalogue with enriched specification details framing structured Item short description.

It is an ideal tool for deployment in data enrichment projects to help achieve dramatic improvements in asset management and enhance your decision making capabilities with a fool-proof spares catalogue. It serves as an ideal platform to create new items. It facilitates development of comprehensive attribute-based buying-specification and eliminates introduction of duplicate items into the system.

The solution is fabricated with the master data, the Noun Modifiers, Templates with domain values and Coding Logic specific to industry vertical. Along with the Master data, the solution is also pre-loaded with dictionary of Item data aiding the end user to copy and create new items from existing Item detail repository. The solution is in-built with various user friendlier features for easy coding avoiding Item duplication to any ERP.


Key Functions

  • Configurable Noun Modifier hierarchy levels

  • Individual Plant Item creation

  • Bulk processing in Central Unit

  • Powerful search engine

  • Multi-layer classification capability

  • Matchless capability for duplication detection

  • Multi-stage workflow capability for quality assurance

  • plugs into major enterprise software applications

Key Features

  • Fast search engine to search on multiple filter criteria

  • Auto?identify duplicate items

  • Auto?assignment of Noun Modifier to improve accuracy and speed based on the shell/MESC

  • Duplicate check facility works with both raw legacy data and in structured?template data

  • Ensure that attribute values from data dictionary alone can be populated in the Templates

  • Automated report of Materials with missing mandatory values for data enrichment

  • Auto generation of Material Code, Short and long Description based on pre?configurable Engine settings

  • Auto generation of Material data in prescribed upload format to any ERP

  • Facility to handshake through secured standard Web services


  • Accurate specifications of spares in ERP

  • Timely availability of the correct spare for maintenance operations

  • Improved efficiency in procurement cycle having detailed buying description

  • Elimination of stock shortages reducing inventory costs

  • Elimination of duplicate items in the inventory system

  • Reducing inventory cost by eliminating ingress of duplicate items

  • Facilitating better maintenance of assets with accurate buying description of spares

  • Enhancing decision making capabilities


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