About Green field and
Brown field engagements

Green field & Brown field

Green field & Brown field

About Green field and
Brown field engagements

Organisations are constantly striving to step up operational efficiencies, through the adoption of industry best practices to better manage their assets. Maintenance & Materials Management of MRO spares can turn complex, when sub optimal policies are practiced. The issues compound, when you are confronted with redundant and inaccurate data. Hofinsoft steps in, with its proven expertise, frameworks and novel software tools; to radically transform asset data, processes and policies.

Our Asset and Data Management Consulting engagement is aided by a few intuitive and intelligent software tools, which overhaul materials data comprehensively. iNomcat developed by Hofinsoft, quickly threads-through the spares inventory using a powerful search engine, identifies instances of data mismatch and delivers clear and precise asset information. In the process, you can achieve dramatic improvements in asset management and empower your decision-making capabilities. Spica from Hofinsoft, another effective software tool, enhances the spare parts management capability by undertaking in-depth spares analysis, thereby boosting the spares procurement process for MRO activities.


Key Functions

  • Multi-levels tracking of assets, equipments, machines, machine parts, crews and tools

  • Detailed equipments and assets history

  • Planned Maintenance Schedules

  • Work order scheduling and work flow process

  • Supervisor s workbench and authorization

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications to crews and managers

  • Corrective Repairs & Maintenance

  • Breakdown Maintenance

Key Features

  • Comprehensive descriptions of assets and multi-levels tracking of equipments, machines, parts, tools and fleets

  • Assets monitoring and extensive maintenance planning

  • Detailed Assets and Equipment History

  • Permit and Warranty Interface

  • Dashboard / Business Intelligence & Extensive Reporting

  • Tightly integrated with Dynamics Axapta other Modules

  • Automatic Work order Scheduling & Generations

  • Work Orders Workbench for tracking status

  • Actual vs. Budgeted Costs Tracking

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications to crews and managers


  • Improve controls and accountability; Lead to better quality of work.

  • Properly maintained machines minimizes downtime

  • Reduce asset maintenance and operating cost

  • Continuous improvement in commonly performed work

  • Improved equipment life

  • Enhanced equipment availability and reliability

  • Improved employee work efficiency

  • Consistent operation of machinery improves product quality

  • Improve reporting and analysis capabilities.

  • Comply with Health and Safety Regulations

  • Improve Business Planning and make informed decisions


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