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When a customer calls you need to provide them with information on availability and scheduling. Beyond this, it is critical to effectively manage the utilization of your rental fleet in order to maintain profitability. Hofinsoft offers a complete Equipment rental solution for the way you rent, and service your clients. We continue to enhance our software to incorporate features that support various rental operations and other related business needs.

Key Functions

  • Equipment requesting / Service requisition for rental contract with or without driver / operator

  • Plan and list out required Equipment for service requisitions

  • Look up inventory by: description, alternate description, serial number, product type, category/item number, or manufacturer's part number.

  • Track equipment reservations on rental quotes and orders to properly match customer demand to available equipment and determine the optimal mix of equipment in your rental equipment

  • The Equipment Inventory keeps track of each piece of equipment in inventory, whether serialized or un serialized.

  • The Equipment Rentals module lets you check for equipment availability and reserve machines for future contracts.

  • With help of Employee’s real time and planned projections, we can plan and allocate operator / divers for customer requisitions.

  • When equipment Requested by customers are not available with In-house then we can use Sub-hiring management

  • Rental hiring integrated with purchase quotation, procurement etc

  • Rental pricing and discounting by customer, customer groups, equipment, equipment category

  • Set up rental terms and match customer requirements by offering optimized, best price, pro-rated, or fixed rental pricing

  • Inquire rental prices for rental equipment’s or for service and create a new rental quote

Key Features

  • Defining Equipment under Class / Types and on Location Hierarchy.

  • At the heart of the Equipment Rental module is the Equipment Master File, which contains all costs involved in the acquisition of equipment.

  • Third party certificates such as Insurance certificates and expiration dates., operator's license Road permits.

  • Integration of fixed assets, Enterprise asset management, spare parts, logistics, Accounts receivable and CRM

  • Manage Equipment Acquisition and disposal.

  • Define the number of rental days in hours (like 8, 10, 12 etc.,), days, week, month, etc.

  • Defining and Revising default rates by class / type of equipment and its equipment's based on with or without Driver / operator, with or without fuel, Telescopic rate and service type rate.


  • Intimate receipt of the equipment at the respective Customer site.

  • Utilize equipment class groups to manage reservations without committing specific assets until they are shipped out to the customer

  • Equipment’s possessed / received by the customer should be returned on requested period of usage or else customer can raise Extension of period on same contract.

  • Ability to add equipment, exchange equipment, and make partial returns, on existing contract

  • Ability to Surplus the equipment at customer place and transfer from there to another nearby customer place.

  • Equipment’s which are all reserved for the customer will be inspect before sending the same to the Customer

  • Generate rental pick list for delivery

  • Generate rental pick list for delivery

  • Equipment utilization log helps to record and maintain equipment utilization hours, downtime hours and preventive hours at customer site for costing

  • Fuel logs helps to record and maintain the usage of fuel by the equipment that are allocated to the customer

  • Track other resources such as drivers, operators, maintenance equipment, fuel usage


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