IT consultancy services and technology skills.


IT consultancy services and technology skills.

Hofinsoft has been in the forefront of solving business problems and conquering clients challenges for many years. The organisation backed by strong industry experts in plant automation and plant management, has given us the inspiration for innovations of software products, industry solutions and customers services that require continuous monitoring of assets.

Solutions should be designed to ensure that business processes reach out and touch the end customer, in a manner that delights them, time and again. For over a decade, Hofinsoft has developed the ability to combine business insights with precise customer needs, to design solutions that go beyond mere software codes. Furthermore, we identify those key elements and features that are essential not only to run your business efficiently, but ensure has your products and services helped create a strong customer connect and build enduring customer value. After all only when your end customers are happy, does all this make real business sense.

The Hofinsoft Edge

  • Comprehensive descriptions of assets and multi-levels tracking of equipments, machines, parts, tools and fleets

  • Assets monitoring and extensive maintenance planning

  • Detailed Assets and Equipment History

  • Permit and Warranty Interface

  • Dashboard / Business Intelligence & Extensive Reporting

  • Tightly integrated with Dynamics Axapta other Modules

  • Automatic Work order Scheduling & Generations

  • Work Orders Workbench for tracking status

  • Actual vs. Budgeted Costs Tracking

  • Automatic alerts and email notifications to crews and managers

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